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Zakk Wylde Plays Loucin Acoustic Guitars

Loucin Guitars is proud to announce that we are creating a second custom Loucin guitar for Black Label Society founder and former Ozzy Osbourne lead guitarist, Zakk Wylde!! His guitar will be based on the Loucin LD model with some signature customizations that you will have to see to believe. www.loucinguitars.com/artists

On the new record, (BOS2) I actually recorded a couple of rhythm tracks on Loucin guitars made by Garren Dakessian. He’s a Canadian luthier who made me two acoustics—one with the bulls-eye graphic, and one with the buzz saw. He didn’t paint them on—he cut the graphics out of wood. The body is a tribute to early Epiphone acoustics. He loves that body style. He tweaked it and made his own with a deep cutaway. You can hear it on “Useless Apologies.”Zakk Wylde Guitar Player Interview

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