skullage skullage

Release Information:
Released:April 21, 2009
Label:Armoury, Eagle Rock

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Track listing:

1. “Machine Gun Man” – 4:57 (Pride and Glory)
2. “Dead as Yesterday” – 2:51 (Book of Shadows)
3. “All For You” – 4:00 (Stronger Than Death)
4. “13 Years of Grief” – (Stronger Than Death)
5. “Bleed for Me” – (1919 Eternal)
6. “Doomsday Jesus” – (The Blessed Hellride)
7. “Stillborn” – (The Blessed Hellride)
8. “Won’t Find It Here” – (Hangover Music Vol. VI)
9. “Suicide Messiah” – (Mafia)
10. “In This River” – (Mafia)
11. “Fire It Up” – (Mafia)
12. “New Religion” – (Shot to Hell)
13. Slightly Amped Instrumental Intro (Acoustic) – recorded live on 2/13/04 in Lehigh Valley
14. “The Blessed Hellride” (acoustic) – recorded live on 2/13/04 in Lehigh Valley
15. “Spoke in the Wheel” (acoustic) – recorded live on 2/13/04 in Lehigh Valley
16. “Stillborn” (acoustic) – recorded live on 2/13/04 in Lehigh Valley

Disc II [DVD]:

1. All for You
2. 13 Years of Grief
3. Bleed for Me
4. Stillborn
5. Suicide Messiah
6. In This River
7. Fire It Up
8. Acoustic [live]
9. Instrumental Intro [Live in Lehigh Valley]
10. The Blessed Hellride [Live in Lehigh Valley]
11. Spoke in the Wheel [Live in Lehigh Valley]
12. We Live No More [Live in Lehigh Valley]
13. Stillborn [Live in Lehigh Valley]
14. New Religion
15,. Welcome to the Compound


Skullage is a compilation/live album of Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society, although the first song is from Pride and Glory and the second is from Book of Shadows. Some versions also come with a bonus DVD.

This is the third compilation released to document Zakk Wylde’s catalogue, the first being the promotional-only No More Tears E.P., followed by Kings of Damnation 98-04 in 2005.

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