Stronger Than Death

stronger than death

Release Information:
Released:April 18, 2000
Producer:Zakk Wylde

Track listing:

1. “All for You” – 3:59
2. “Phoney Smiles & Fake Hellos” – 4:16
3. “13 Years of Grief” – 4:11
4. “Rust” – 6:08
5. “Superterrorizer” – 5:33
6. “Counterfeit God” – 4:18
7. “Ain’t Life Grand” – 4:39
8. “Just Killing Time” – 4:55
9. “Bullet Inside Your Head” – 4:54 (Japanese bonus track)
10. “Stronger Than Death” – 4:52
11. “Love Reign Down” – 8:03


Stronger Than Death is the second album by the heavy metal band Black Label Society. It was initially released in Japan on March 7, 2000 with 11 tracks and in blood red jewel case. It was eventually released outside of Japan almost one month and a half later with only 10 tracks and in clear jewel case.


Zakk Wyldevocals, guitars, bass guitar, piano
Phil Ondich (Philth)drums
Mike Piazzadeath growls on “Stronger Than Death”
Engineered by:Lee DeCarlo with Sam Storey
Mixed by:Zakk Wylde and Lee DeCarlo, assisted by Rony Brack
Mastered by:Ron Boustead, Lee DeCarlo, Zakk Wylde, and Rony Brack
A&R:Paul Bibeau
Mogul:Dennis Clapp
Art concept, design, and layout:Black Label Society
Art direction:John Buttino
Photography:William Haymes
Tray photo:Sven Isaakson
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