Release Information:
Released:September 24, 2013
Recorded:Club Nokia, Los Angeles March 2013
Label:E1 Music
Producer:Zakk Wylde

Track listing:

Disc one:

1. “Losin’ Your Mind” 5:47
2. “The Blessed Hellride” 4:22
3. “Sold My Soul” 7:35
4. “Road Back Home” 6:09
5. “Spoke in the Wheel” 5:16
6. “House of Doom” 4:21
7. “Queen of Sorrow” 3:47
8. “Machine Gun Man” 4:51
9. “Sweet Jesus” 4:38
10. “In This River” 6:41
11. “Throwin’ it all Away” 11:06

Total length: 64:33

Disc two:

No. Title Length
1. “Takillya (Estyabon)” 1:38
2. “Won’t Find It Here” 8:47
3. “Rust” 5:26
4. “Speedball” 1:04
5. “I Thank You Child” 5:01
6. “Stillborn” 8:24
7. “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone” (Bill Withers) 3:31
8. “Lovin’ Woman (Bonus Version)” 5:04
9. “Queen of Sorrow” (Unblackened recorded studio version) 4:14
10. “Song for You (Bonus Version)” (Leon Russell) 5:07
11. “Won’t Find It Here” (Unblackened recorded studio version) 6:55
12. “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” (Unblackened recorded studio version) 4:45


Unblackened is a live acoustic album by Black Label Society. It was recorded live on March 6, 2013 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. Disc 1 consists on live tracks, and Disc 2 consists also of live tracks among 6 newly recorded songs, which of 3 are re-recordings of previously released songs of Black Label Society’s studio albums. The album was announced back in 2012, but was delayed due to the delaying of the show, which was settled to be recorded in August. Black Label Society started the pre-ordering of the album in August 2013, also offering a Deluxe Edition Box Set containing a double live CD pack, a DVD of the show, a replica of Zakk’s pewter dagger necklace, a photo book with photos taken from the show and a custom package. On August 9, 2013 “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone” was released as a single through iTunes on North America.


Zakk Wyldevocals, guitar, piano. acoustic guitar on studio tracks
Nick Cataneseguitar
John DeServiobass, additional vocals
Derek Sherinianpiano
Chad Szeligadrums
Greg Locascioadditional vocals
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