Zakk Wylde – Book of Shadows I and II

zakk wylde book of shadows album cover

Released: June 18, 1996
Recorded: 1996
Genre: Southern rock, folk rock
Length: 51:25
Label: Geffen (Original Release)
Spitfire: (Reissue)
Producer: Ron & Howard Albert

Zakk Wylde – lead and backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, keyboards, harmonica, bass guitar on “1,000,000 Miles Away”
Joe Vitale – drums, keyboards, piano on “I Thank You Child”
James LoMenzo – bass guitar
Additional background vocals on “Way Beyond Empty” by John Sambataro

Disc One
“Between Heaven and Hell” – 3:26
“Sold My Soul” – 4:52 (feat. Guiggs)
“Road Back Home” – 5:48
“Way Beyond Empty” – 5:25
“Throwin’ It All Away” – 5:47
“What You’re Look’n For” – 5:31
“Dead as Yesterday” – 2:51
“Too Numb to Cry” – 2:23
“The Things You Do” – 4:11
“1,000,000 Miles Away” – 6:29
“I Thank You Child” – 4:41

Disc Two
“Evil Ways” – 4:13 (Original Japanese bonus track)
“The Color Green” – 3:05
“Peddlers of Death” – 5:51 (later re-arranged and re-recorded with Black Label Society for the Sonic Brew album)

Book of Shadows is the first solo studio album by the heavy metal guitarist Zakk Wylde. The album was first released in 1996, and was reissued by Spitfire in 1999 with the bonus disc containing “Evil Ways” (the Japanese bonus track from the album’s original release), “The Color Green”, and “Peddlers of Death” (an acoustic version of a track that features on Black Label Society’s Sonic Brew).

Promotional singles were released for “Between Heaven and Hell” and “Way Beyond Empty”, the latter of which also had an accompanying music video.

“Throwin’ It All Away” was written about the death of Shannon Hoon from the band Blind Melon. Shannon and Zakk had lived together and became close friends a few months before he died of a drug overdose.

zakk wylde book of shadows 2 album cover

Released: April 8, 2016
Recorded: 2014–2015
Genre: Southern rock, folk rock
Length: 60:04
Label: Entertainment One Music


1. “Autumn Changes” 5:14
2. “Tears of December” 3:35
3. “Lay Me Down” 6:06
4. “Lost Prayer” 4:27
5. “Darkest Hour” 5:05
6. “The Levee” 5:47
7. “Eyes of Burden” 3:43
8. “Forgotten Memory” 3:49
9. “Yesterday’s Tears” 4:15
10. “Harbors of Pity” 4:10
11. “Sorrowed Regrets” 5:46
12. “Useless Apologies” 3:38
13. “Sleeping Dogs” (featuring Corey Taylor) 4:36
14. “The King” 4:42

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