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The person in the video for Sleeping Dogs is Tom Gore

That Zakk Wylde teamed up with William Shatner for a cover of the Black Sabbath song, Iron Man?

That Zakk Wylde has been on American Idol?

That Zakk Wylde endorses the use of his Gibson Bullseye Les Paul from Justin Beibers guitarist, Dan Kanter?

The 4 bonus tracks that were available on the non-US releases of the albums Stronger Than Death, 1919 Eternal, The Blessed Hellride, and Mafia were Bullet Inside Your Head, llabdeeps, F.U.N., and I Never Dreamed? (respectfully)

A special Zakk Wylde painted SD-1 was made for Ishibashi Music in Japan 2001. These are rare and unconfirmed rumours has it that only 5 of these were made.

On the Cable TV station HBO, There is a show called Entourage, in the opening credits the camera cruises down the Hollywood strip, and you can see the billboard for Hangover Music Vol VI.

That porn star Felicia Fox was one of the contest winners for the Suicide Messiah video shoot? Fox, who showed up in jeans and a white tank top, cheered on the band from the crowd, and even stage-dived during a portion of the shoot where Zakk allowed four fans to come onstage and pretend to play the band’s instruments. “I had a blast,” Felicia said after the shoot. “Zakk and his wife Barb, the entire band, and the whole Doom Crew are the coolest motherfuckers on the face of the earth. They’re like my family and I would travel anywhere just to hang out with them.”

That Zakk’s last solo on “Reborn” off of Damageplan’s ‘New Found Power’ CD was recorded in 1 take?

That Harpo’s in Detroit MI was left completely dry during the filming of Boozed Broozed & Broken Boned? It was the first time in the concert hall’s history that all of the alcohol had been consumed.

That Zakk makes an appearance on Drowning Pool’s “Sinema” and Fozzy DVD’s?

The reason that Zakk does not like Fred Durst is not because of a personal fued, but just simply because Fred puts out shitty music?

That Zakk does not smoke cigarettes or weed?

That Zakk’s favorite beer is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale?

That the reason the Epiphone Bullseye Les Pauls are more yellow in color is because they put vanilla in the paint to duplicate the aging of The Grail which was originally Alpine White?

Zakk started playing guitar at 15?

Zakk has a Randy Rhoads shrine?

Zakks first concert with Ozzy was in a prison?

In the studio version of Stronger Than Death, during the second solo (the last one) Mike Piazza says “bitch” and laughs?

That the voice at the beginning of “Refuse to Bow Down” is that of conservative radio talk show host Roy Masters?

On the original cover of Sonic Brew, Zakk uses a “®” next to his name. This is actually an improper use of a federally registered trademark symbol, as Zakk has not received (nor filed for!) a trademark registration on his name (unlike Britney Spears and Gene Simmons).

That the “hoo hoo” backing vocals on “Born To Lose” were sung by Zakk, Philth, Sven Issakson (photographer, former co-webmaster of zakkwylde.com), Gene Morris (longtime friend of Zakk) and possibly a homeless guy from Miami (his track was most likely not used)?

That there is an alternate version of Black Pearl with one of the girls who sang backing vocals for Bone Thugz N Harmony doing backing vocals? And that there is also an alternate HEAVY/tongue-in-cheek version of White Christmas recorded during the Sonic Brew sessions that Steve Vai rejected for the Merry Axemas 2 cd, so Zakk recorded the acoustic one?

That Nick Catanese had a band called High Voltage, and that they released a CD called “Edge of the World?”

That Zakk’s former bandmates, “Zyris” still played clubs up until singer Johnny Iacoves passed away in 2006?

That Zakk’s The Grail’s serial number is 83381565?

That Zakk’s guitars ZW 003, ZW 004, & ZW 005 are nicknamed after Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Joe Dimaggio?

That Zakk’s figured maple Les Paul Standard is nicknamed “Curly?”

That the lining in the Mirror Bullseye’s case is blue?

That the lining in the Rebel’s case is brown?

That Zakk’s favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees?

That Zakk’s favorite football team is the New York Giants?

That the A.N.D.R.O. in A.N.D.R.O.T.A.Z. comes from Androstenedione (Andro), is a direct precursor to the hormone testosterone.  Androstenedione is naturally produced in men and women, and is naturally found in Scotch pine trees?

That Zakk Wylde’s TV appearances include Mad TV, The Osbournes, Jay Leno, Angel, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The TV Guide Channel, and The Best Damn Sports Show Period?

That the original title for 1919 Eternal was “Deathcore WarMachine Eternal?”  Zakk decided to change it because of the events on September 11th.

That the song “Low Down” was used in the Playstation Game “Cool Boarders 2001?”

That “The Rose Petalled Garden” was used as Luthor’s theme in SSX Tricky?

That Zakk Wylde didn’t write any of the songs for the Ozzy Osbourne album “Down To Earth?” 1919 Eternal was originally supposed to be DTE, but Ozzy said it sounded “too Black Label.” There were even interviews with Zakk saying that producer Tim Palmer ripped Zakk’s guitar out of his hands to show him how to play certain songs.

That the original Geffen release of the Pride & Glory album had 2 different discs? The early and very rare pressing had a gold beer can on it, and the version that is more common had a regular gray/white beer can on it. If you have the Geffen pressing of the album, you should check to see which yours is.

That “Throwin’ It All Away” from Book Of Shadows is about Shannon Hoon from the band Blind Melon? Shannon lived with Zakk a few months before he died of a drug overdose, and they became close friends. Zakk went out on tour with Pride & Glory and then found out about his death, and wrote the song. On the Zakk bootleg called “Shadow Of The East”, Zakk clearly says “Now Shannon, you just left me with nothing to say” in the lyrics.

Zakk was in Stone Henge and Zyris prior to joining Ozzy?

When Ozzy wanted Zakk to join his band, Zakk was under contract with Zyris. Peter J, the manager of Zyris at the time wanted Sharon and Ozzy to buy Zakk out of his contract for like $60,000. Sharon and Ozzy offered like $10,000. Peter decided to play hardball like a fucking prick and take the legal route. It almost caused Zakk to loose the Ozzy gig. In the end it was settled for $5,000 – $10,000. –Scott (Zyris drummer) Metal-Sludge.com

Leroy Wright taught Zakk how to play guitar? Leroy unfortunately passed away January 2014 due to complications with pneumonia. Although Zakk was not able to attend the funeral, he did send flowers.

Zakk got the name ‘Zakk’ from the TV show Lost In Space from the character Dr. Zachary Smith?

It wasn’t until he joined Ozzy that he legally changed his name to Zachary Phillip Wylde?

When Zakk joined Zyris, he started using the name “Zakari Wyland”?

Zakk replaced the original guitarist of Zyris who went on to play for Overkill?

Zakks nick name from his close family and friends is “Flip”?

That Ozzy once said he was going to record a “Farewell To Randy Rhoads” album with Zakk playing songs that Ozzy and Randy wrote together?

That the song “Miracle Man” is about the preacher Jimmy Swaggart?

That the song “A.V.H.” on the album “No More Tears” stands for Aston Villa Highway? Geezer is a big fan of the Aston Villa soccer team. It was originally thought that this stood for Alcohol, Valium, and Hash?

That the song “S.I.N.” on the “No More Tears” album stands for Shadows In the Night?

That the song “Bloodbath In Paradise” is about Charles Manson?

That Ozzy is a God father to Zakk Wylde’s children?

That the album “No More Tears” was originally going to be called “Say Hello To Heaven”?

That “Mr. Tinkertrain” on the album “No More Tears” is named after Mr. Tinkertrains bar in Bearsville, NY?

That Zakk Wylde first heard that Ozzy was looking for a guitarist from the Howard Stern radio show?

That Ozzy wrote the song “Mama, I’m Coming Home” for his wife Sharon? Ozzy calls her “Mama”

That Ozzy won a Grammy for “I Don’t Want To Change The World” from “Live And Loud”?

That Zakk said the main riff of Low Down is his tribute to Angus Young?

That T.A.Z. means “The Alcoholic Zone”

The reason Zakk beat it up and nailed bottle caps to his rebel flag Les Paul is because he saw Bret Michaels from Poison playing the exact same guitar and it pissed him off so he “altered” his.

That JD, BLS’s first bass player also played for Pride & Glory after James Lomenzo left the band in 1994?”

That the acoustic version of Peddlers Of Death that is on the Book Of Shadows reissue was really recorded during the Sonic Brew studio sessions and it is not really a Book Of Shadows era track?

Zakk rejoined Ozzy’s band briefly in ’98 for a Japanese and Australian tour that had the original No More Tears band. After he was fired, him and his drinking buddy Philth recorded Sonic Brew.

The original band name for BLS was Hell’s Kitchen, but Zakk thought it sounded too 80s, so he changed it to BLS. If you look at Sonic Brew’s booklet, its set up like a kitchen menu. “Its the height of bad manners to heave in someone else’s society,” makes more sense if you replace the word “society” with the word “kitchen.”

Zakk may have elected to not use the name “Hell’s Kitchen” for his band because he would have had difficulty doing so. HELL’S KITCHEN is a federally registered service mark of Hell’s Kitchen Ltd. in class 41 for “entertainment services, namely, motion picture film production”. As band names are registered in the same class, and upon review of the handy attorney’s “Products Comparison Manual for Trademark Owners”, it would have been difficult for them to obtain a trademark registration on HELL’S KITCHEN without first obtaining an agreement with the previous registrant.

On another note, do you think its a coincidence that the newly selected band name (i.e., BLACK Label Society) starts with the same first word as a band that Ozzy’s previous band did (i.e., BLACK Sabbath)? I wonder how close in physical proximity the albums are from each other at music stores…

Sonic Brew came out October 28th 1998 in Japan, and did not come out until May 4th 1999 in the USA, and it had a bonus track, Lost My Better Half, which wasn’t recorded until right before the European tour.

That in 1997 outside of a radio station in Virginia, Zakk jammed an early acoustic version of Beneath The Tree, and his future drummer Phil Ondich was there and played along, a year before he became Zakk’s drummer.

That there is an unreleased song written sometime around 1997 that Zakk jammed a few times to friends called “Livin’ In A Plastic World?”

Zakk’s real name is Jeff Wiedlandt?

Zakk used to play the bass clarinet in school?

His original bullseye Les Paul is named “The Grail”?

That Axl Rose asked him to join GnR?

That Zakk said BLS on Ozzfest would never happen? http://dynamitemetal.com/detritus/d06/62-5s1.shtml

That Zakk played the guitar with his teeth in a HS spring concert?

He also played some Bach and then went into some Ozzy?

Dave Larue Bass player from Dixie Dregs and Zakk taught at the same music store in Silverton NJ.

Zyris and Zakk were a regular gig at Close Encounters in NJ for a year?

Zakk played at a Sweet 16 in Freehold NJ with a band called Sanctuary?

Zakk also sang for Sanctuary at an arcade concert in a mall in NJ?

He went to an Ozzy and Metallica concert in Philly?

He also had backstage passes for that show and met Ozzy, Sharon, and their kids?

He rented out a bar and lounge in NYC for his 30th birthday?

His music teacher gave him a composition that he wrote back in HS for his B-Day?

I (Walter Mrowczynski III) went to the same high school as Zakk?

I (Walter Mrowczynski III) had his music and history teachers?

That my website, www.BlackLabelSociety.net, has been listed in 5 CD’s, 2 DVD’s, numerous promo materials from record companies, radio stations have advertised it, and magazine publications worldwide?

That my name, Walter Mrowczynski, (the webmaster and owner of BlackLabelSociety.net) is listed in the Thank You’s of 2 albums? The Blessed Hellride and Hangover Music Vol. VI

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