What is Wylde Audio?

Wylde Audio is Zakk Wylde’s own company that he created in 2014 (and unveiled at winter NAMM in 2015) that produces amplifiers, effects pedals, and guitars (distributed through Schecter Guitars).


Why Start Your Own Company?

(Webmaster Opinion) One might be inclined to think that the reason behind creating his own company would be because his passion for playing various types of guitars with varying paint jobs and body styles through the worlds most renowned guitar manufacturer could get a little costly on the wallet. Before he left Gibson he had at least 7 Epiphone signature models and 8 Gibson signature models all with varying paint jobs and finishes. Throw in the Meet and Greet Guitar Packages, and it only makes sense to start your own company to create your own product and control its distribution. Plus, over the years many overseas guitar manufacturers have been putting out low cost quality instruments that rival even the best brands.

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Rolling w/The GENESIS ODIN GRAIL BULLSEYE-solo for "Hellraiser" NO MORE TEARS @WyldeAudio @DeathWishCoffee @guitarcenter @OzzyOsbourne tBLSt

With @djkotton at the @wyldeaudio Booth O'Doom! @zakkwyldebls #doomcrew #laguitarshow 👊

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